Squish cutting mandrel SMALL

Squish cutting mandrel SMALL

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***,,*** MADE TO ORDER*****???*****

These are made to order, depending on material on hand, may take 2-5+ WEEKS to make and ship. ******** ^^^^^:

Here we have Squishband/ combustion chamber cutter.


This is for the SMALL size 33mm + you will get 1 aluminum mandrel. 1 ground tool bit, a depth stop, and 1 pair of sizing rings.

Slide the rings over the mandrel to cut your desired bore size, we the tool bit to the proper diameter. And set the depth stop with a feeler gauge for the amount of material to remove. 

Diameters are slightly undersize to allow sliding the cylinder over the cutter without damage and being able to cut slightly larger than the bore diameter at the top.


1/2" hex bolt in the bottom to clamp in the vice or bolt to your workbench.


Other bore rings avalible separately.